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Patient Warming

A few degrees are all it can take to change positive patient outcomes into a complicated recovery. While patient warming is a critical part of patient care, particularly in surgeries involving hypothermia risk, it's also one that routinely goes overlooked. It can increase the rate of surgical site infection (SSI), extend recovery time and length of stay, and increase mortality rates. Maintaining a normothermia can help avoid the potential cascade of negative consequences associated with unintended hypothermia, including:
  • Increased risk of SSIs
  • Blood loss and transfusion requirements
  • Adverse cardiac events
  • Decreased drug metabolism
  • Shivering and thermal discomfort
Patient warming promotes comfort and enhances recovery outcomes. It's been shown to reduce anxiety and concerns about expected pain, anaesthesia, being immobilised and the surgery itself. The most effective method of preventing hypothermia is maintaining the patient's normal body temperature throughout the entire perioperative process. To aid the creation of optimal conditions, Midmed supplies a range of patient warming equipment such as fluid warmers and blanket warmers. Our fluid warmers include the QinFlow Warrier Blood/Fluid Warmer and Thermoline Premium Fluid Warmers. They are ideal for pre-hospital and emergency departments thanks to their warming performance, simplicity, and proven technology. Additionally, we have 5 models of Thermoline Premium Blanket Warmers that provide a high quality, reliable warm environment for patient blankets. They are designed for medical centres and hospitals where blankets are required to be stored in a safe, clean and regulated environment. Temperature can be precisely controlled between ambient +5ºC to +60ºC. To find out more about our patient warming equipment, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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