Hospital Stretchers: Transporting Patients Safely

Hospital stretchers play an integral role in the healthcare process. Hospital stretchers provide a safe way to move patients from place to place and are often purchased for use at home by people with special needs. Before you buy stretchers for healthcare or personal use, there are some things it’s important to know about them.

Midmed is an Australian owned and operated medical equipment supplier. We have partnerships with healthcare providers across the country and continue to grow 25 years on. When it comes to hospital stretchers, we have a comprehensive range to help you take care of kinds of patient needs.

Today we’ll discuss innovations in stretchers and how they are essential to transporting patients safely.

The Basics Of Patient Transport

Hospital stretchers are standard equipment for transporting patients. While designed to serve a variety of purposes, ultimately they need to keep patients secure and comfortable. They should also be easily manoeuvrable and as durable as possible.

Standard features can vary depending on the purpose of the stretcher. Typically it will include side rails, perimeter bumpers, oxygen tank holder, utility shelf, swivel lock wheels and brakes.

Not All Hospital Stretchers Are The Same

Modern stretchers are much more than steel frame and a mattress. Different stretchers are designed to meet the unique requirements of patient conditions.

In the emergency room, transport / generic stretchers are designed for functionality and ease of use. Moreover, ER facilities typically use the same stretchers so that staff are instantly familiar and can let their reflexes kick in. Offering customisable patient positioning and a fifth wheel for steering assist, they’re the all-rounder workhouse for every hospital.

For bariatric patients, there are wider stretchers with higher tensile components to boost weight capacity and high-density foam to ensure comfort.

In circumstances where patients have sustained serious injuries, trauma stretchers allow practitioners 360-degree access with a total-view design and surface accessibility for cassette placement. They are also equipped with a fibre resin film surface and high-density radiolucent mattress — ideal for X-Ray environments.

There are even more specialised stretchers for extended stays, gynaecology, small-space clinics, bariatric cadavers

Equip Your Facility With Premier Hospital Stretchers

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