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Patient Transfer

Being able to transfer patients to appointments, operations or even outside for some fresh air is an essential aspect of recovery. Midmed has patient transfer equipment for hospitals, nursing homes and clinics that makes it easy to transport patients with care. We have modern wheelchairs and evacuation sleds for patient transfer. Our equipment is sourced from high-quality brands that are patient-centred, reliable and provide a safe handling solution.

Wheel Chairs

One of the most common types of patient transfer equipment is wheelchairs. We have a variety of these patient chairs to suit the necessary care requirements. Our standard patient's chairs are simple-to-use, manual chairs that are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. We also have powered options for transferring bariatric patients between a stretcher and chair position as well as a stair chair that tracks up and down stairs with a wireless console.

Evacuation Sled

When the need to rescue a person arises, evacuation sleds are a go-to. They stabilise patients while being transported and can easily be used in conjunction with other equipment. We have a range of sled options that include rope harnesses, patient head stabilisers and patient backboard immobilisation systems. Our range also includes specialised sleds for infants and toddlers. To find out more about our patient transfer equipment, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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