Portable Suction Units: Clear Airways in the Fields

When a patient is unresponsive, clearing the airway is one of the most important actions that someone can take. In fact, the standard CPR response taught follows the acronym DRSABCD which stands for Danger, Response, Send, Airway, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation. After assessing for dangers, seeking a response and sending for additional help, clearing the airway is first priority. 

A blocked airway can be life threatening and a suction machine provides invaluable care immediately. It’s primarily used to remove bodily fluids like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions from a person’s airway, as well as foreign objects. If a patient is unconcious or undergoing a medical produce, suction mahines help them breathe by maintaining a clear airway. 

As mentioned, common uses for suction machines include:

  • Removing respiratory secretions when the patient is unable to
  • Assisting a patient that is vomiting while seizing or unconscious
  • Clearing blood from the airway
  • Removing a foreign substance from a patient’s windpipe and/or lungs (pulmonary aspiration)

They can be used in both pre-hospital and in-hospital settings. There’s three main types of suction devices – manual, stationary and portable. 

Today we’re taking a look at the portable suction units and how they can be used to improve patient outcomes.

Quickdraw® Portable Suction Unit

For a convenient suction solution that’s ready for transport, the Quickdraw® Portable Suction Unit is ideal. It’s a compact airway management device that allows first responders safely access the back of the throat. Weighing just 1.2kg and able to be fitted with both  rechargeable and battery operated variations, it serves as a lightweight and transportable solution for every call. 

Duet Suction Unit

Delivering powerful suction for portable or permanent setups, the Duet Suction Unit is trusted for hospital crash carts, patient transport, surgi-centre backup, long term care facilities and more. Avaliable with AC Power and battery back, it’s fully charged capacity provides 45 minutes of suctioning power to get you through emergency procedures. 

VX-2® Suction Unit

For the toughest of situations, the VX-2® Suction Unit delivers. With a power capacity the meets international standards, easy to use controls and long battery life, it’s a reliable choice for any emergency situation. 

Equip Your Team With Portable Suction Devices 

If you would like to equip your clinic, hospital or practice with a portable suction device, come speak to the team Midmed. We have a wide range of medical equipment and furniture and supply to medical practitioners across Australia. 

Our airway management products are designed to be easily used, connected and manoeuvred. This includes lightweight suction devices and an extensive array of airway devices and aids, including face masks, endotracheal tubes, catheter tips and filters. 

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