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Enhancing Patient Comfort, With PROMOTAL Transfer Chairs

Prioritise patient safety and wellbeing during transfers with the reliable and innovative PROMOTAL transfer chairs, available at Midmed. Designed with both patient comfort and caregiver ease in use in mind, PROMOTAL transfer chairs offer the perfect solution for various healthcare settings.

For Safe And Dignified Transfers

At Midmed, we carry PROMOTAL transfer chairs due to their high safety standards. PROMOTAL transfer chairs boast sturdy frames and wide bases, ensuring optimal stability during transfers, minimising the risk of falls or accidents. They also feature padded seats and backrests that promote patient comfort during transfers, reducing stress and anxiety.   Meanwhile, smooth-rolling castors and ergonomic handles allow caregivers to navigate hallways and rooms with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer experience. Depending on the model, PROMOTAL transfer chairs offer different lifting mechanisms, including manual hydraulic or electric lifts, catering to diverse patient needs and caregiver preferences.

Made For Caregivers, Not Just Patients

Favoured by medical staff for their smart designs, PROMOTAL transfer chairs prioritise caregiver ease of use with intuitive controls, adjustable features, and easily manoeuvrable frames, minimising strain and fatigue.Crafted with high-quality materials, these chairs are also built to withstand the demands of daily use in healthcare environments. And of course, PROMOTAL transfer chairs facilitate safe and efficient patient transfers, allowing caregivers to focus on providing quality care.

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Facilitate safe and dignified patient transfers with the comprehensive range of PROMOTAL transfer chairs available at Midmed.

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