500 XLE Comfort Treatment Chair

SKU: UFSK.15000006-2

Optimized price-performance ratio. Ample legroom and unobstructed access to the patient’s head. Space-saving design for flexible use, outstanding manoeuvrability even in the most confined of spaces. Multi-functional manual switch with 4 memory positions and auto-run function. Automatic switch-off in the stand-by mode with reactivation button


For The Surgeon

  • Optimal price / performance ratio
  • Great leg clearance and free access to the patient’s head
  • Space-saving, excellent manoeuverability, even in confined spaces
  • Multifunctional handbag with 4 memory positions and auto-run function
  • Automatic shutdown in standby mode with reactivation button
  • Sterile operation without interruption by operating the adjustment functions using the foot switch
  • Not battery powered by battery
  • With potential equalization connection
  • The treatment chair with comfort padding is particularly suitable for long operations (retina / retina)

For The Assistant

  • Back-friendly and gentle manoeuvering by means of mechanical directional guidance, operated by foot levers
  • 360 ° rotatable, electrically conductive twin rollers for excellent handling
  • Chair-table combination – no need to transfer the patient
  • Easy access for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Acoustic signal warns of deep discharge of the batteries

For The Patient

  • Easy entry and exit, low entry height
  • Comfortable armrests for high patient safety, detachable
  • Comfort upholstery incl. Integrated knot in two-color design

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