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You’ve just begun a new chapter in your life – whether you’ve given birth to your first child, or nurturing your fifth; breastfeeding can be a time to bond with your baby but it’s certainly not without its challenges.

Developed over 60 years ago, Swedish Engineer Einar Egnell created a new technology – revolutionising the breast pump market. Closing mimicking the suckling rhythm of nursing infants, Ameda uses this technology to create a pump that gives you simplicity, comfort and efficiency.

The Platinum Breast Pump is the latest release of the Ameda Range. Accompanied with a three year warranty, its innovative design is perfect engineering for long term use. The Platinum Pump enables users to customise the speed, suction, and timing settings to suit their individual situation and baby meaning greater milk flow and comfort levels at earlier stages than compared with other industry models. The LCD display and digital touch allows personalised adjustments by 1% increments and  includes a timer that makes pumping protocols easier to follow at any time of the day. For further ease of use, the platinum pump is whisper-quiet whilst in either single or double pump operation. Compatible with all Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems, which have the Proven Airlock Protection, to keep moisture from entering narrow, hard-to-clean tubing whilst pumping. All Ameda breast pumps are BPA and DEHP free.

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