Bariatric Behavioural Bed

SKU: SW.33060550

The SW Bariatric Behavioural Health Bed provides a user-friendly design ensuring ergonomic safety for care providers in the behavioural and mental health environment. This fully functional electric medical bed can be utilised in a variety of care environments ensuring greater patient safety and comfort. The PowerSafe™ technology ensures electrical safety for both the care provider and patient. This Bariatric Health Bed sets a new standard with its low deck height, which is the lowest bed on the market.


  • Footboard nursing lock out controls accessible with universal key ensuring patient safety
  • Quick disconnect hand control operates on either side of the bed for easy access and removal
  • Electronic articulation for the head, knee and high/low feature
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg capabilities
  • Contiguous molded construction of headboard, footboard and side rails
  • All add-on features are bolted onto the bed frame
  • Tamper-resistant encased wiring
  • Ability to provide multiple therapy options on one bed frame, allowing for increased patient healing
  • Integrated bed exit alarm, scale and protocol timer available
  • Accommodates patients up 385kg.

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