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The Compact Disposable Unit (or CDU) is a sterile (per patient) warming component, with up to 3 years of shelf life. It is compatible with all Warrior configurations, i.e. the Warrior Lite, Warrior, Warrior EXTREME, Warrior AC, and Warrior Hybrid. NOTE: The CDU must be used together with a Warrior configuration! The CDU can be easily moved from one Warrior configuration to the next so as to facilitate a complete continuum of care implementation and by that simplify patient’s handoff between settings and reduce the overall cost of ownership (fewer consumables).

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Superior Performance is Delivered at Utmost Safety and an Affordable Price!

The Compact Disposable Unit (CDU) is where the warming ‘magic’ takes place. After connecting CDU to the Blood/IV bag and to the Base Unit (either directly or with an extension cable) and flushing the air out, near freezing blood/IV fluids will get warmed to body temperature in a few seconds, even at very high resuscitation rates.

The fluid path is aluminum-free. It is composed of a 220 cm / 7.2 ft medical grade stainless steel coil and PVC tubing (together, 19 ml priming volume). Temperature sensors are attached along the fluid path. All these components are packaged in an EPP casing, which is not only robust, affordable and light-weight, but it also acts as a great isolation material.

The sensors communicate the blood/IV fluids temperature to the Base Units a few hundred times per second. Based on these readings, the Base Unit continuously assesses whether to increase, decrease, or keep the warming level intact so as to secure 38°C output (±2°C). The CDU can sustain immense pressure; based on a third party testing, the CDU was able to sustain 175 PSI; that is, 25 fold the requirements of the standard! This pressure handling capability along with the comfortable amount of priming volume, real-time sensing, utmost heat transfer efficiency, and sufficient battery capacity, allow the Warrior configurations to outperform other solutions when intense and intermittent bolus flows are applied (e.g. through methods such as hand pump, syringe, or LifeFlow like devices).

There are a few additional benefits related to the CDU’s design, for example:

  • Undisrupted Fluid Path: The CDU’s fluid path is undisrupted in the sense that it has the same diameter as your line, and it has very smooth curves. This design ensures minimal structural impact on the flow (such as abrupt turns, connection points, flow changes, etc.) which is then translated into low sheer force, minimal turbulences, no cavitation, and no air bubble formation, to name just a few benefits.
  • Incremental Heat Transfer: With 4150 mm^2 warming surface, the CDU has one of the most relaxed heat transfer processes in the industry.
  • Designed to Not Exceed 38°C: Unlike most warming technologies, and due to its extremely high efficiency, the CDU’s heating element is designed to not exceed 38°C.
    No Heating Inertia: Once the heating stops, the heating element cools down immediately.
  • Aluminum Free: By using common warming elements (i.e. medical grade stainless steel coil), we were able to eliminate toxicity concerns that may be traced for example in aluminum warmers.
  • Designed for Manufacturability: Due to the simple implementation of the underlying technology, the CDU availability is unlikely to be impacted by surge in demand or sudden supply constraints.
  • Designed for Cost: The CDU design facilitates the lowest consumable cost among all modern battery operated warmers.

Finally, the CDU technology has been perfected over many thousands of field utilizations.


  • Set Point Temperature: 38°C (±2°C) / 100.4°F (±3.6°F)
  • Warming Time: In a few seconds
  • Minimum Delivery Rate: KVO, or 2 ml/min
  • Maximum Delivery Rate at 4°C/39.2°F Input:
  • Battery operated: Up to 200 ml/min (configuration dependent)
  • AC operated: Up to 290 ml/min
  • Maximum Delivery Rate at 20°C/68°F Input:
  • Battery operated: Up to 290 ml/min (configuration dependent)
  • AC operated: Up to 500 ml/min
  • Pressure Handling: 375 millimeter of mercury (mmHg)
  • Bolus Flow Handling: Immediately adjusts to flow changes
Physical Characteristics
  • Dimension (H x W x L): 7.22 x 11.75 x 6.85 cm / 2.84” x 4.63” x 2.70″
  • Weight: 106 g / 0.23 lb (117 g / 0.26 lb in sterile pack)
  • Priming Volume: 19 ml
  • Materials: Medical grade stainless steel coil, PVC tubing, EPP casing, temperature sensors
Usability Considerations
  • Intended Use: Warm both IV and blood products
  • Positioning: Between fluid/blood bag and patient. Connects to the Base Unit to receive energy and provide sensing information. Extension Cable can be used for greater operational flexibility
  • Orientation: Flexible (i.e. no limitation)
  • Assembly: Fail safe (can only be assembled in the proper way)
  • Heat Dissipation: None
  • Shelf Life: Up to 3 years
Regulatory Envelope & Environmental Specifications
  • As per the specific Warrior configuration
High Performance
  • Fastest: Warms near frozen blood/fluid to 38°C (± 2°C) in a few seconds.
  • Unmatched Delivery Rate: From KVO and up to 290 ml/min delivery rate at 4°C fluid input temperature and 500 ml/min for room temperature fluids (AC operable).
  • Unique Bolus Flow Handling: Real time sensing and highly efficient warming technology guarantee fast reaction to flow changes.
Designed with the User in Mind
  • Compact & Light weight: 7.22 x 11.75 x 6.85 cm / 2.84” x 4.63” x 2.70”; 106 g / 0.23 lb.
  • Simple To Operate: Gravity feed. Flow can be regulated with pressure bag or pump. Fail Safe assembly. Can be easily assembled even in rough settings.
  • Blood & Fluid Resuscitation Protocols: Can be used for blood and fluid products.
  • No Proprietary Tubing: Does not require proprietary blood/IV fluids line. Fits all common IV tubings.
  • Superb Thermal Performance: No heat dissipation towards the patient or caregiver.
  • Can Be Connected to an Extension Cable: To provide greater operational flexibility.
  • Unique Continuum of Care Proposition: Same consumable can be used across the entire continuum, simplifying patients’ handoff and reducing cost.
Cutting Edge, Mature, and Safe Underlying Technology
  • Smart Warming Technology: Microprocessor controlled smart and highly efficient warming technology. Fluids temperature is sampled hundreds of times per second to ensure constant 38˚C/100.4˚F output (± 2˚C/3.6˚F).
  • Undisrupted Fluid Path: Same diameter as the line and smooth curves ensure qualitative delivery of warm fluids/blood.
  • Extremely Relaxed Heat Transfer Mechanism: Incremental heat transfer over 220cm / 7.2 ft. coil.
  • Mature Technology: Field Proven, patent protected technology with thousands of field utilizations.
  • Safe Technology: Fail safe design; aluminum free.
  • Defibrillation Proof Type BF Applied Part: Safe to be used jointly with a defibrillator.
  • Fast Auto Correction: Temperature adjustments to flow changes within seconds.
  • No Heating Inertia: Heating element cools immediately when heating stops.

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