SMART XtractSR Stretcher

SKU: TS.72121

The Smart XtractSR Stretcher provides safe and rapid casualty extraction from hazardous locations, reducing exposure to hostile locations and secondary injury. This stretcher is extremely robust despite it’s lightweight material: it weighs less than 1.5 kg in total and can safely carry up to 300 kg in weight. It can be carried in operational equipment, making it the most convenient and easy-to-use stretcher for rescuers and patients in temperamental weather or terrain conditions.

The patient is securely cocooned in the Smart XtractSR, protecting the patient from hypothermia, preventing splinting of the respiratory system and protecting against life-threatening injuries.  Tt can be lifted or dragged in order to successfully survive the most difficult of rescue challenges. The Smart XtractSR Stretcher is designed for rapid casualty extraction, and has been clinically tested in military situations.

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