Stephen H Comfort 9.0

Brands: Gardhen Bilance

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  • Painted steel frame in thermosetting and antibacterial powders. Wide range of colours.
  • Lying surface divided in 3 sections: backrest. seat and leg
  • Motorised Trendelenburg position from 0 to 15 degrees – Equipment code AC35/1
  • Heigh adjustment – Equipment code AC28/200-400
  • Two motors allow to move the back section and the leg section independently and simultaneously – Equipment code AC12
  • Leg section: 90 degrees to the seat – Equipment code AC63
  • The armrests can be removed, tilted, adjusted in height, overturned – Equipment code AC30/C1
  • Additional headrest adjustable in height with special safety lock to prevent removal -Equipment code AC27
  • Leatherette upholstery, elastic, extremely comfortable and completely seamless. The latter feature prevents bacteria proliferation. It can be easily sanitised with the most common detergents. The upholstery is also flame-retardant and complies with UNI 91775/87 e 9175FA- 1/94 class 1lM (wide range of colours) – Equipment code AC87/1
  • 4 wheels 100mm antistatic, sturdy, stainless and swivable
  • Directional braking system – Equipment code AC7P1G
  • Chairs movements are controlled by handset with a 3.5 m coiled cable. The handset is user friendly and has visual pictograms useful for partially sighted people. Handset is equipped by 10 buttons with 2 memories. For patients safety purpose the handset is provided with an inhibition key – Equipment code AC34P
  • Insulation IP66
  • Transport handle in stainless steel for H Comfort – Equipment code AC56/C
  • Handset supports – Equipment code AC25P
  • Soft foam cushions
  • ABS cover for the base section – Equipment code AC83/C
  • ABS cover for the seat – Equipment code AC86/C
  • ABS cover for the back section – Equipment code AC86/C


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