Tactical Burn Dressing 49×28 cm


Water-Jel sterile gel-soaked 49x28 cm tactical burn dressing for immediate use on burns. This new multifunction design has specially designed cuts to allow conformance to burns on the hands, face, or flat surfaces.

Brands: Water-Jel

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Tactical Burn Dressings

Are designed to effectively and efficiently take the excess heat out of burn injuries.

The Water-Jel gel technology is in daily use worldwide by professional emergency medical and rescue practitioners, both civilian and military, for over 30 years.

Dressing Pouch Weight: 240 g / 8.5 oz
Dressing Pouch Dimension: 15 x 25 cm / 6“ x 6“
Case Weight: 5,0 kg / 11.0 lbs
Case Dimension: 40,6 x 17,8 x 17,1 cm / 16“ x 7“ x 6.75“

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