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There are many options for venipuncture equipment, but VeinViewer is the only imaging device that can be used by any clinician and is proven to provide more options for venous access and reduce the number of stick attempts.​​


Locating veins is only the first step to achieving successful Venous Access in your patients, and the most obvious vein is not always the best option to select. 

VeinViewer® provides clinicians with exclusive High Definition (HD) and Digital Full Field (Df2)   projected near-infrared real-time imaging to make a more informed decision. VeinViewer patented technology, using Active Vascular Imaging Navigation allows you to see blood patterns up to 15mm deep and clinically relevant veins up to 10mm so that you can;

Veinviewer is the only vein device of its kind that can positively impact the entire Pre, During and Post vascular access procedure and is proven to.


Your patient’s vasculature is a limited resource, and Blind Stick practice is, and should remain a thing of the past. Become a steward of promoting vessel health, and better outcomes for your patients and clinical practice by adopting VeinViewer into your vascular access routine.

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VeinViewer assists in paediatric IV access

VeinViewer by Christie Medical Holdings is the only direct projection vascular access imaging device proven to reduce stick attempts and reduce paediatric IV starts.

Paediatrics can be one of the most difficult patient populations for venipuncture procedures.  Consider the challenges associated with paediatric vascular access: small veins, limited access points due to size and the presence of “baby fat” and managing the anxiety of the children and their families. These challenges are the reason that Paediatrics is typically one of the first areas within a facility to adopt VeinViewer® vein illumination by Christie.

Multiple studies have shown the positive impact that VeinViewer, with exclusive Df2technology and HD imaging, can have on the paediatric patient population. Our Eyes-on Patient technique allows the clinician to easily integrate VeinViewer into normal practice and keep their hands free to perform the procedure.

VeinViewer’s TrueView accuracy provides an image you can trust; highly important when working with tiny veins.

  • VeinViewer’s projected vein width displays with near perfect accuracy. Displayed vein width can greatly impact assessing the catheter gauge prior to insertion.
  • See peripheral veins up to 10 mm deep and blood patterns up to 15 mm deep providing more potential access sites.
  • ASSESS™ Plus Imaging Suite features modes designed to aid in paediatric assessment: Fine Detail and Resize.
  • Kids find the VeinViewer light a pleasant distraction from the procedure, helping them to relax and the procedure to go more smoothly.

VeinViewer’s capabilities.

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