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Elevate efficiency and organisation in your healthcare environment with Bristol Maid trolleys, available at Midmed. Renowned for their quality and functionality, Bristol Maid trolleys offer a diverse range to suit various needs within hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

Designed For Practicality Since 1953

Bristol Maid came about in England in the early 1950s crafting general office equipment and filing cabinets for the newly founded National Health System (NHS). Their products have come a long way, with a variety of trolley options available. Choose from single or double column trolleys, low-level or high-level designs that maximise storage capacity with multiple shelves and compartments. All of this helps to keep essential supplies readily accessible and neatly organised. Additionally, smooth-rolling castors ensure effortless manoeuvrability, allowing staff to navigate busy hallways with ease. And, being built with high-quality materials, Bristol Maid trolleys are constructed to withstand the demands of continuous use in healthcare environments.

Benefits of Bristol Maid Trolleys For Healthcare Professionals

There are numerous reasons why healthcare professionals choose Bristol Maid.
  • Increased Efficiency - Streamline workflows with organised, readily available medical supplies, minimising wasted time searching for equipment.
  • Enhanced Patient Care - Improved organisation allows staff to focus on providing efficient and patient-centred care.
  • Improved Hygiene - Easy-to-clean surfaces promote sterile environments, reducing the risk of infection spread.

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Partner with Midmed and bring the efficiency and organisation of Bristol Maid trolleys to your healthcare environment. Browse our online selection or contact our team to find the perfect trolley solution for your needs.

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