Nutritional Warming

Creche Innovations’ nutritional warmers keep breast milk at the exact level of maternal body temperature (between 32.2-37.7 degrees celsius) – also known as the Thermo-Neutral Zone. Designed by experts, these warmers offer  a most  accurate and harmless way to maintain the correct temperature for your milk feeding.

Commonly used household methods like microwaving and steam heating are inaccurate , potentially risky if the milk is applied at too hot a temperature and often involve unnecessary rework and time wasting.

Nutritional warmers use a much safer, more beneficial heating process based on decades of medical experience and research and in conjunction with the Therma- LinersTM  deliver these benefits :

  • Therma-Liners™ will more  evenly distribute heat, preventing hot spots
  • the aseptic “bag in a bag” method will help maintain milk’s original properties
  • the warmer will gradually and gently heat the milk to the desired temperature

By using nutritional warmers, you can safely and simply keep breast milk to the precise temperature your child desperately needs, while also maintaining its unique properties.

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