Foxseal Vented

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Foxseal™ Vented is a unique 360°  Hyper-Vent system and the first ever chest seal with 512 vents1 giving you more ways to release pressure, prevent blockages and save a life. 

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1 pack per dressing. 13.0cm x 13.3xm (5.12in x 5.24in)

  • Sterile
  • Latex-free
  • Listed globally
  • Fast application in any orientation
  • 512 venting pathways
  • Effective vent performance even if creased2
  • Works on uneven or curved surfaces, under clothing or body armour2
  • Solid adhesion proven in extreme conditions3
  • Forms a complete seal2
  • Easy grip tab enables rapid lifesaving decompression, without the need to replace the dressing

References: 1. A hydrogel based dressing with film roll stock and an additional Polyurethane (PU) film layer covering a central soft valve. Smart radial design consists of 3 circles, each with 8 vents. A total of 24 vents and 512 venting pathways that minimise the risk of occlusion and provide a secure one way venting system. 2. Medtrade data on file report – P1093R (2019). Vented Foxseal- Performance Bench Studies (in-vitro). 3. Medtrade data on file report – P0128RIV (2021). Testing of Adhesive Technology used in Foxseal dressings under different environmental conditions (in-vitro).

 Packet Size: 


Width – 15.5cm 

Height – 16cm 

Depth – 0.2cm 

Weight – 28g 

Shipper Size: 


Width – 18cm 

Height – 18cm 

Depth – 38cm 

Weight – 2.8kg 

Download Foxseal Vented – A4 Advert

Download Foxseal Vented – Technical Data Sheet

Download Foxseal Vented How to use guide AW – V.2

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