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Brands: Gardhen Bilance

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  • Anti-tilt frame, it prevents any tilt in every operative conditions.
  • Frame painted with epoxy paints enriched with antibacterial. Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Simultaneousmovementofbackandlegsectionthrough1motor.itcanbe implementedfrom2upto5motorsaccordingtotherequestedconfiguration:
    • Dedicated motor for the independent movement of the backrest and the legrest (accessory code AC12).
    • Motorized column for height adjustment (accessory code AC28/200).
    • Dedicated motor for the inclination of the seat (accessory codes AC35/1 – AC35/2 – AC35/3).
    • Dedicated motor for footrest adjustment (accessory code AC13 – AC13/1); (please refer to the commercial offer and the accessory catalogue).
  • Two separate cushions back and seat/leg functional for: a perfect ergonomy and posture preventing decubitus wounds.
  • The upholstery is completely removable allowing a thorough and effective sanitization reducing the risks of cross infections. A wide range of colours is available.
  • Upholstery’s features: antibacterial, flame retardant class 1IM, antimycotic, ecologic, latex free, phtalate free and resistant.
  • Armrest’s movements synchronized with the backrest.
  • Available with a wide range of functional and exclusive accessories (see accessories catalogue).
  • Excellent and ergonomic posture with decubitus wound preventive effect.
  • Braking system ensures high stability to the device.
  • Easily sanitizable with the most common used detergents.
  • Armrest with multiple adjusment functions.
  • Max load capacity 200 kg.
Standard configuration
  • First drawer provided with guarantee seal.
  • No. 10 self-destructing seals.
  • No. 3 lateral DIN bars.
  • No. 1 back DIN bar.
  • Centralized locking system with key.
  • Double key.
  • No. 4 swivable and stainless 125 mm wheels of which 2 with pedal brake. No marking, extremely silent, sliding on high performing roller bearing.
  • No. 4 bumpers for each corner of the base.
  • Push and pull extra tray.
  • Table top with integrated push handle.
Recommended accessories

Emergency kit composed by the following accessories:

  1. Cod. ACCF1 – IV pole
  2. Cod. ACCF9 – Needles rack
  3. Cod. ACCF10 – Defibrillator or monitor tray Cod. ACCF5 – Hoxygen tank holder
  4. Cod. ACCF11 – Resuscitation board”
Technical Sheet

Codice GMDN


ID Code




Inteded use

Emergency cart



Configuration 3+2+1 (standard)

3 drawers 42×37.8×7.8h cm

2 drawers 42×37.8×15.8h cm

1 drawer 42×37.8×23.7h cm

Configuration 1+3+1

1 drawer 42×37.8×7.8h cm

3 drawers 42×37.8×15.8h cm

1 drawer 42×37.8×23.7h cm

Configuration 2+1+2

2 drawers 42×37.8×7.8h cm

1 drawer 42×37.8×15.8h cm

2 drawers 42×37.8×23.7h cm

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