Pro-care Auto Bariatric

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Alternating pressure redistribution system — improving pressure relief delivery and experience for bariatric care.
With a maximum weight capacity of 450 kg (992 lb) and rectangular-shaped air cells that increase the contact surface area and redistribute pressure efficiently, Pro-care Auto Bariatric provides optimal pressure relief care, comfort, and pressure injury prevention support. Caregivers can easily access and adjust settings through the pump's intuitive digital interface, including operating pressure setting modes (alternating, static, max firm, and seat inflating), weight guidance, cycle times, and alarms.

Brands: Wellell

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Maintain high-quality care for bariatric patients

  • Suitable for improving early-stage pressure injury prevention in in-hospital and care facility bariatric patients.
  • Wider and tighter air cells enhance comfort and stability to support larger bodies.
  • Additional air cells under pressure-setting-controllable air cells maintain sufficient firmness to prevent patients from bottoming out.
  • Alternating Low Pressure mode for an even higher comfort level for patients.
  • Dual compressors system silently and continuously care for patients.
Standard 200
Mattress Dimension 78.7 x 47.2/48 x 8 in 2000 x 1200/1220 x 203 mm
Mattress Weight 38.7 lb 13 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 992 lb 450 kg
Standard 200
Mattress Dimension 78.7 x 41.3/42.1 x 8 in 2000 x 1050/1070 x 203 mm
Mattress Weight 28.7 lb 13 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 992 lb 450 kg

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