pH Testing Strips

SKU: MN.92118

This pH Test strip pack is CE marked and meets the special demands of health care professionals to ensure rapid and safe results for medical pH-testing. These Test strips range from 2.0 to 9.0 with 0.5 increments that make for accurate testing.

Quick check of dialyzer reuse

Acid containing reagents are used for the disinfection of dialyzers. PH-Fix 3.6-6.1 is an easy and reliable tool to ensure that the cleaning agent is completely rinsed out prior to the next use.

pH control during pregnancy

A change in vaginal pH-value is an indicator for bacterial infection. During pregnancy, untreated infections can lead to premature birth.

Easy determination of body acidity

The urine pH-value generally reflects the personal diet but can also be influenced by a large variety of medications available from different manufacturers.

Check pH gastric juice

Aspirate obtained after placing a nasogastric tube must be acidic. The pH is checked to ensure the correct placement of the nasogastric tube prior to the administration of feed or medication.

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