Brands: UCAST


UCAST®is a novel, two-part supporting device, whichcan be personalized by reshaping the rigid splint component.

UCAST products are comprised of two components:

  1. Heat-moldable, rigid, and non-toxic splint
  2. Self-attaching support fabric




UCAST is intended and suitable for immobilization of limbs or head and neckarea. UCAST is robust and can be used in casting, splinting, or as customizedorthosis in active rehabilitation




UCAST has two components: 3D stretching fabric with self-attachmentproperties, and a rigid skeleton of moldable and re-moldable biomaterial. The UCAST material is as hard and rigid at room or body temperature, butbecomes freely moldable, pliable, and adhesive when heated to 65°C/150°F.UCAST material achieves its mechanical strength when cooling down to body temperature. Hardening can be accelerated by external cooling if necessary.Once set, the UCAST splint is lightweight, durable and almost totally X-raytransparent. UCAST products are non-toxic, and can be handled with nospecific protective gloves. They are pre-shaped for any given indication, andthe splint material has vents for breathability. All the fabrics are resistant toodors and water.

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