How does a bariatric mattress differ from a regular mattress? Some bariatric mattresses use heavy duty springs or dense compacted layers of foam to provide bariatric support – our range of bariatric mattresses use air pressure. More specifically, our Sizewise bariatric mattresses use cushions of air, which can be either raised or lowered to shift the pressure and weight of the patient (which provides relief and helps to prevent bed sores). These mattresses make the task of inspecting or turning bariatric patients much easier, and they also help to maintain patient cleanliness, health and dignity.

We also have have a range of foam mattresses with bolsters available.

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  • Acute Care 385

    Acute Care 385 Bariatric

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  • Bariatric Sapphire Air Mattress

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  • Sizewise Bariatric Comfort Turn

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