Linda 3 ORL


The Linda3 ORL chair was created to perfectly satisfy professionals in the audiology, otology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, general practice, as well as cosmetic field. It is equipped with an electro-mechanical up & down system and tilting control of the backrest and a backrest-leg rest synchronism. The Linda3 ORL has a rotating base, with rotation angle up to 325°, anatomical and seamless upholsteries with lateral supporting wings, Trendelenburg movement, armrests, memorizable operating positions and anatomical headrest. All function are electronically controlled by infa-red device and/or high precision pedal control, so that the doctor is free to operate in total comfort and hygiene with hands free.




  • Electro-mechanical up & down and backrest tilting movements, backrest-leg rest synchronism to reach the Trendelenburg position
  • ELLE fix headrest, with long-section sliding
  • Longitudinal rotating base with rotation angle 325°
  • Anatomical backrest with lateral armrest support wings for the highest patient’s comfort
  • Complete symmetry for left and right-handed professionals
  • Infa-red control
  • Anti-crushing safety stop onto the backrest and leg rest, for an emergency stop of the chair
  • Automatic memorised return to zero position at the end of the treatment
  • Automatic memory of the last operating position
  • 3 programmable operating positions
  • Tilting leg rest, inclination up to 90° to allow patients to get on and off the chair easier
  • Minimum height 50 cm, for the easiest access to the chair, also for elderly or disabled persons.