Vie Scope® Direct Laryngoscope

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Adroit Surgical’s patented direct Vie (French: Life) laryngoscope is a self-contained, battery powered, disposable scope that takes advantage of a closed circular tube with a beveled end to visualize the vocal cords. The light is transmitted through the side wall of the tube from end to end as well as within the lumen of the tube to give the user the best illumination of the target tissue with minimal chance of light obstruction by secretions or blood.


  • Enhanced Line of Sight View, allows for an excellent straight line of sight view with 360 degree maximal illumination.
  • Easy to use, provides the ability to intubate the patient when awake in trauma situations.
  • Patented Lifesaving Technology, gives the user the best chance of intubating patients in any situation, in or outside of a hospital.

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